PSX Serial Cable Now On Sale

I now have a Playstation coders cable on sale.

Simple design, works under all operating systems. Works with the PSXSERIAL code upload tool, which can be downloaded here Also works with Shendo’s BIOS Dumper and PS1 cardlink. Compatible with all models other than the PSOne (it doesn’t have an external serial port).

Drivers for the cable are available from here

Only £12.50 + Shipping and will ship worldwide. (Europe typically around £3-4) + Add 5% PayPal fees if paying via PayPal



Compatible Software




BIOS Dumper

Update 01/01/2018: I still have these cables for sale and are shipping pretty much worldwide. Email me at with any enquiries


16 thoughts on “PSX Serial Cable Now On Sale

    • No, not at the moment. if you have any questions or are interested drop me a line on twitter @danhans42 or leave your email address here and I will get back to you

  1. Hi. I like to get one too.
    Do you need this assembly if your Pc still has a serial port?
    Could i just cut cables and connect all the lines (tx/rx crossed)?

    • You can’t connect it up to a tradition serial port because the psx uses CMOS levels which are 0 to 3.3v and RS232 uses anything upto – 12 to +12v

      • If you want a cable leave your email address in the comments (I won’t publish it) along with your address details and will get you an anacxutate quote including postage

    • Sorry for late reply. I have some USB conveters that were stuck in HK customs.. They are due any time soon so will have more stock for end of december.

    • Ive shelved it for the time being. Look on ebay for a ftdi adapter from a company in the UK called byvac electronics. Their 3.3v variant is perfect and requires no external circuitry.

  2. Hey Dan,
    I know this is a super late reply. But i would love to buy one PSXSERIAL cable. Is it still available in any case ?
    Thank you

  3. Hi, I’ve bought two of these before and would like to buy two more please! I’ve got a few PSX consoles in different buildings and sometimes don’t remember to bring the cable for moving my save files to my laptop with your memorycardrex software.

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